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Vita Logic has been widely recognized in the natural health industry as a leading supplier of high quality, potent vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. Vita Logic was established with the mission to produce supplements that would meet the highest standards of quality and at the same time give the Vita Logic customer the best value for their money. What started with the formulation of the multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, Daily Extra, has now grown into a family of products addressing various health needs. What sets Vita Logic apart from natural supplement industry lies in the formulating process. The Vita Logic formulary design team includes a board certified medical doctor, which allows Vita Logic to stay on top of the latest research and keep customer safety a top priority. Each of Vita Logic's supplemental formulas was designed using only research based ingredients that provides customers with the assurance of quality and effectiveness. In addition, the hypoallergenic formulations allow for greater customer tolerance, digestibility, and absorption. The full line of Vita Logic Vitamins can be found here on Shop and save on Vita Logic Vitamins today!

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