Eco Nature Care

Eco-Nature Care™ – was founded in 2008 by Mike Internicola and his two kids Jonny, 19, and Marissa, 24, after noticing a lack of environmentally–friendly personal care products that appealed to the under 30 crowd. The resulting line of biodegradable Hair + Body Washes and Re–Conditioners has proved to appeal to men and women both inside and out of the original target market.

The packaging is sleek, easy–to–recycle, single–source aluminum that has a contemporary crisp, clean, and fresh look. Our products are good for the planet, nature, and you without making you smell like you borrowed your mom’s lavender bath salts.

Eco-Nature Care™ is committed to bringing both performance and Eco–consciousness to your personal care products. We care about the planet, nature, and you™ and know that none is mutually exclusive. Our all–in–one, biodegradable formulas are designed to avoid unneeded products and to reduce packaging.

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