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Allergies or a Cold

Allergies or a Cold?

Ever get one of those dreaded summer colds or worse the flu? The last time I caught a bug I gave Cold-C a try and I was so surprised at how really well it helped with my cold symptoms and shortened the amount of time I was down and out sick. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was getting better. Being a mom, I just don’t have the time to be sick.

I always try to do my best to prevent getting sick  by doing things like washing my hands and wiping off the shopping cart handlebar at the store. But we all start to come down with some kind of bug sooner or later. Cold-C didn’t make me feel drugged up the way some over-the-counter cold medications do. It has natural ingredients like echinacea, bioflavonoids like rutin and quercetin which give us a dose of antioxidants along with some good old vitamin C.

This year come flu season, I will be prepared with my Cold-C in hand. This stuff is golden! They should call it “Gold-C”.  Vita Logic Cold-C with Echinacea is going to be my secret weapon this winter. It’s definitely a product I am recommending to my family and friends.

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