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Vitamins for Vision

eye-health-makeupEating bright colored fruits and veggies can be easy- on the eyes that is. Research suggests that vitamins like C and E along with other antioxidants benefit good vision. Minerals like lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium and calcium also have benefits. Heart healthy foods that encourage circulation are good for the eyes too.

Vitamin C promotes healing and vitamin E supports the immune system. Selenium helps to create antioxidants enzymes. Beta-carotene is a carotenoid that helps to make provitamin A or retinol and supports good vision. Foods rich in vitamin A like carrots and sweet potatoes are good sources. Calcium assists muscles and blood vessels in contracting and expanding. High blood pressure can reduce blood flow to the eyes so low sodium foods are best. Milk & yogurt are good sources. A deficiency in thiamin (B1) can cause Wernicke’s encephalopathy which causes abnormal eye movements and vision problems.

Much research has shown the eye friendly nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin to decrease risk of chronic eye disease. They work by filtering harmful light and act as antioxidants in the eye. They can be found in bright colored produce along with leafy greens like collards, kale, spinach and also eggs. Lean red meats, poultry, peanuts, peas, beans and oysters all contain another eye healthy mineral-zinc which guards against light damage.

Eyes are susceptible to free radicals from both natural and environmental sources. Antioxidants help guard against this damage. A combination of vitamins C, E, and minerals like zinc, and copper are used in the treatment of specific eye disorders or diseases like cataracts. They have been shown to help slow progressing cataracts. A good multivitamin that includes eye healthy vitamins can help support healthy vision also.

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