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The Benefits of Gummy Vitamins


Gummy vitamins aren’t just for children anymore. Originally, gummy vitamins were developed as a chewy, colorful option to the conventional pill vitamin to appeal to kids.  Today consumers who prefer gummy type vitamins have a wide variety to choose from. Gummy vitamins cater to a number of health needs and concerns.

There are several benefits to eating gummy vitamins regularly.  There is quite a selection of tasty flavors these chewy nutrient rich supplements provide. For those with a dislike or who have problems swallowing those large pill form vitamins gummy vitamins offer an attractive option for adults and children alike.  They provide a high nutrient low calorie supplement that can deliver immune system support, bone building nutrients, and even assist in remedying vitamin deficiencies. Gummy vitamins provide nutrient concentrations that can be specific for a variety of health ailments. Some gummies offer 50 percent of daily nutritional requirements for younger children (age 2-3) and 100 percent for older children and adults. Some are even sugar free, a benefit for dental health.

Calcium gummy vitamins can help people avoid low levels of this necessary bone building nutrient. Gummy multivitamins can help cover all the bases if one’s diet is not consistently well balanced.  From vegetarian, organic, and specifically formulated to multivitamins, a large assortment of flavorings, shapes and colors- gummy supplements are available in a number of versions. There are gummy vitamins to support eye health, energy levels, individual vitamin complexes and more to maintain good overall health.

It is important to treat gummy supplements exactly as what they were intended for.  Always store them out of reach of children as they are not intended for large quantity consumption and take only as directed.

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