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Men’s Health: Benefits of Vitamins & Supplements

mens-health-supplementsRisk for prostate cancer increases with age. More than 90% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are older than 50 years. Starting at age 50, they should all consider taking a supplement of carefully selected ingredients and quality proportions. A2Z Discount Vitamins takes pride in hand selecting top quality brands and supplements that can help fight prostate cancer and a variety of other diseases that may affect men’s health.

Studies show that certain vitamins, minerals and natural products provide protection against cancer. Maintaining normal body weight, eating fish, legumes, flaxseed and yellow-orange vegetables can also lower the risk of prostate cancer.

During National Men’s Health Week choose from any of these name brand vitamins and supplements in the Men’s Health Category and get up to 60% off.

Super Nutrition Simple One for 50 Plus Men is enriched with organic herbs and green foods. Scientifically proven potencies with extra protection for heart, memory, eyes and immunity.

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Men’s Multi-Vitamin Formula is positioned as a full-spectrum multi specifically for men’s most common conditions. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is the most complete natural food source in the world with over 100 nutrients that support cardiovascular, eye and brain health and boosts immunity

Enzymatic Therapy Masculex contains botanical extracts and phytosterols to help support healthy blood flow and healthy male sexuality.

Vita Logic’s Prostate Formula contains a synergistic blend of nutrients and herbs at therapeutic levels that nourish the prostate gland and ease the symptoms associated with declining prostate health.

Keep your prostate healthy and fight off the risk of cancer with Men’s Health Week at A2Zdiscountvitamins.com. Get up to 60% off in the Men’s Health Category today. At A2Z Discount Vitamins you will not only help out your prostate health, you can also get more for less.

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