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Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Have you hit a plateau with your weight loss regimen?  If so, your lack of Vitamin D may be to blame.

That’s right, a Vitamin D deficiency can cause the scales to tilt…and not in your favor.  Kaiser Permanente conducted a study of over 4,600 women aged 65 and older for about 54 months.  Researchers found that women with lower levels of Vitamin D in their blood gained about two pounds more than women who maintained adequate levels.  While two pounds may seem insignificant, over time the extra weight can certainly add up.

Vitamin D not only supports healthy weight levels, but it also helps to maintain stronger bones and muscles and keeps our nervous system healthy. The sun provides the most abundant source of Vitamin D and it also can be found in milk/dairy products, fatty fish and fortified foods.  It is also available through supplementation.

For weight loss and weight management, be sure to supplement your diet with Vitamin D.

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