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Happy Resolutions!

Happy Resolutions!

Happy New Year! That was fun, right?  OK, now for the New Year’s Resolutions.

The New Year’s Resolution standard list:

1. Lose weight
2. Eat healthy
3. Exercise
4. Take vitamins and supplements
5. Cut out the bad habits

There you go, pretty much everyone’s master list of resolutions for the New Year. Of course, if we all followed the ultimate recipe for healthy living every day without fail; we’d all be much happier and healthier people. But somewhere along the way, we will waiver and slide off the good health track. After all, these are pretty broad goals and it’s tough to feel a sense of progress toward our goals without reaching benchmarks and having realistic accomplishments to strive for.

To illustrate the point, let’s take number one–“Lose weight.” How do we go about attaining such a goal? How about if we break it up into manageable benchmarks, designed to get us to a monthly or quarterly goal, and then to a point where we work to a manageable weight for the future?

Let’s for instance say, we’ll make our goal for this week–2 pounds. If that goes according to plan, in week two, we’ll strive for a 3 pound loss. In week three, we’ll shoot for dropping 5 pounds, for a total loss over three weeks of 10 pounds. Maybe that’s a bit optimistic or maybe you could do a little more.  But that doesn’t really matter! What matters is that you set the intermediate benchmark goals that are reasonable for you.  And that you set attainable goals. The point is to break the problem down into manageable sections and work them off one at a time.

Now losing weight is not an easy task, as we all know!  But we also do know what it takes to knock off pounds. The right food choices, limiting portions, eating fresh–not fried, prepared foods, etc.; not to mention getting proper exercise.

Then there are the thousands of weight loss aids out there, each “designed” to help us along the path. Some work and some are just snake oil, for sure. But one natural extract in particular, has actually been proven to reduce fat, especially in the hard to tone regions around the middle, hips and thighs. Vita Logic FucoZan uses natural, brown seaweed extract to burn fat, as well as Hoodia Gordonii, to suppress appetite. Brown seaweed or kelp contains a powerful fat fighter called Fucoxanthin, which stimulates the burning of white adipose tissue or white fat, specifically targeted in the middle regions of the body.

Celebrity physician, Dr. Oz, has endorsed the use of brown seaweed extracts in “the fight on fat”. Long used in Asian soups and salads, as well as for medicinal purposes in the Orient, nutritionists have rediscovered and verified the effectiveness of this ancient remedy. Now, it’s available in an easy to take capsule, for daily use. As good as FucoZan is however, it can’t shed the pounds without a sensible plan for healthy diet and exercise. Again, follow the attainable path to your goals, with a little help from one of the ocean’s treasures.

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  1. I have been on the FucoZan for a month and was only taking 1 pill a day instead of two. I have alreaday lost one pants size. This FucoZan really works for me.

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