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Chamomile to Calm & Relax

SONY DSCChamomile is an herb well known to those who are tea drinkers and use it for its calming effects. For those not in the know, chamomile is useful for a multitude of maladies. This plant is in the daisy family and is native to Europe and Asia.  It is especially fragrant and has been described to have the aroma of apples. It has even been said that chamomile has contributed to the health of plants surrounding it and is called the “Plant’s Physician”.  It has been known to relieve digestive issues from nausea and indigestion to vomiting.  It is highly valued for its medicinal properties.

The botanical name for chamomile, Matricaria, means “womb” in Latin and as such, women have long found chamomile beneficial to their overall health, especially with issues surrounding menstruation and pregnancy.  Kidney stones, gallbladder and liver disorders have also been shown to benefit from the consumption of chamomile.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties and as a blood purifier.

Since the holidays are here and cold and flu seasons are upon us, boosting your immune system should be at the forefront of your mind.  Chamomile is highly respected as an aid to your immune system because it increases white blood cell activity.

A governmental organization in Germany approved it for usage on the skin to fight bacteria and reduce swelling. It has even been regarded as beneficial for everything from gum inflammation to skin conditions like psoriasis and chickenpox. Chamomile flowers added to a bath are particularly helpful for these skin conditions and others.  As aromatherapy, chamomile oil is also helpful in relieving stress and anxiety and is beneficial for the hair and skin.

If you are taking any blood thinner, it is not advised that you take chamomile unless you are being monitored by a physician. Also, those with allergies to ragweed or other plants should check with their doctor before using it.

No matter what your complaint is, try chamomile to sooth it.  A2Z Discount vitamins has chamomile available in a many forms.

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  1. Gotta have some nice hot chamomile tea on those cold afternoons, especially when I’m stressed at work; I didn’t realize there were som many different brands, but I’ve found my favorite.

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