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Brand of the Month: Kyolic

A2Z Discount Vitamins has chosen Kyolic as it’s brand of the month! Kyolic is a brand that you can trust to provide medicinal herbs and supplements for your family. The brand is best known for their odorless aged garlic extract, which is combined with other medicinal herbs to assist you in managing your health naturally. From probiotics to antioxidants, Kyolic has a solution for your health needs.

The Kyolic Brand

Kyolic provides a wide selection of herbal remedies. Each product that is produced by the Kyolic brand is manufactured to ensure the medicinal properties of each herb or supplement is retained. For example, Kyolic KyoDophilus is a product that contains enzymes for digestive support. KyoDophilus supplements contain living probiotics, or healthy bacteria, that is preserved during the manufacturing process. Other products, like Kyolic Omega-3, have the added benefit of Kyolic aged garlic extract being included in the formula.

Aged garlic extract has all the medicinal properties that you expect from raw garlic. Garlic is well-known as being a powerful antioxidant that can boost your immune system and treat colds and flus. Kyolic Omega-3 combined with aged garlic extract provides an excellent supplement that supports your brain and heart health while offering the antioxidant properties of garlic.

Getting Healthy With Quality Supplements

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Kyolic is that you know that each supplement is carefully tested for quality. As brand of the month, now is an excellent time to see what a high quality supplement can do to support your personal health goals. Chronic pain sufferers will definitely want to try Kyolic Curcumin as a natural pain management supplement. Kyolic Curcumin contains aged garlic extract and a turmeric extract that can assist in managing the pain of arthritis by reducing inflammation in the body.

The Kyolic brand offers many other products, as well. Kyolic products are made using a process that ensures the essential medicinal compounds in each supplement are maintained for maximum efficiency. Kyolic isn’t just the brand of the month, it is a brand that you can really trust to deliver a high quality product that you can trust for your family.

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