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A2Z The Dangers of Energy Drinks


Can Energy Drinks Kill? The FDA Says Yes

While it would be impossible to discern the exact number of deaths linked directly to the use of energy drinks, the FDA has made an attempt to bring awareness to this rapidly growing statistic. In late 2012, the FDA published a report stating that 40 illnesses and 5 deaths are attributed to the use of Monster energy drinks, while 13 illnesses and 2 lasting disabilities are linked to Rock Star energy drinks.

More recently, a lawsuit was filed by the mother of Alex Morris, a 19 year old man that died from cardiac arrest. The allegations made are that the excessive caffeine in Monster energy drink caused the medical condition that claimed the 19 year olds life. This lawsuit comes immediately after a similar suit filed on behalf of 14 year old Anais Fournier, who died after consuming two 24 ounce cans of the same drink.

The allegations may be difficult to prove, in part because of the medical team hired by Monster’s associates to assert that the deaths were from natural causes. However, the FDA’s report of concrete evidence linking fatalities to the consumption of these drinks will certainly help the plaintiffs make their case. With over seven times the amount of caffeine present in regular soda, consumption of large amounts of energy drinks certainly does expose the user to substantial amounts of the substance.

Leading the pack in the FDA report is 5 Hour Energy shots, with 92 illnesses and 13 deaths attributed to it. Regardless of the actual statistics, this is a significant event where a government body is asserting that the use of these products can lead to fatalities. Whether the plaintiffs in these cases win their suit or not, the very existence of these circumstances almost certainly assures that there will be continued discussion about the suitability of these beverages for children in the future.

Natural Alternatives to Energy Drinks

While energy drinks are dangerous when used recklessly, they are popular among Americans for a reason. The lure of on-demand energy is strong. Almost everyone has experienced a time at their job, or at school, where a burst of energy would be nice to have. However, not everyone is ready to accept the risks associated with energy products. Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways to boost energy levels.

The first is to drink more water. Many people are in a constant state of dehydration, which saps energy levels. By drinking an adequate amount of water at regular intervals throughout the day, a naturally higher energy level will result. The extra calories found in water replacement products have little impact on energy levels.

Another important technique is to snack regularly. By consistently supplying our bodies with food, metabolic function is improved and energy is always available. On the other hand, significant time spent without any food causes the metabolism to lag and resources to dwindle. By eating small amounts of food frequently, energy is always available when needed.

People who skip breakfast are missing out on another highly effective approach to energy boosting. Studies show that a healthy breakfast sets the stage for the entire day. By eating a variety of slow digesting carbohydrates and ample protein at breakfast, a person is able to attack their day with an abundance of energy.

By utilizing a few of these tips, the need for energy drinks can disappear. Our bodies have the potential to supply all of the energy we can possibly use, if we only give them what they need to do the job.

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