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Top Weight Loss Rules to Lose Weight

As Seen on TV – Top Weight Loss Rules to Lose Weight

I’ll be the first to admit that my weight loss endeavors are usually accompanied by frustration and disappointment. I feel when I step on the scale after a week of healthy eating and exercise only to find that I have not actually lost the pounds planned. Then there is the extra 15-20 pounds you want to lose, and you hit a brick wall and no matter how dedicated you are to your weight loss program you just cannot seem to get over the hump.

Finally, the stubborn pounds that refuse to let go as you near your weight loss goal are the most frustrating, after weeks of commitment a mere 5-10 pounds keeps you from realizing your objective. Weight loss is certainly a challenge. When dieting you can experience sluggish progress, plateaus or stubborn pounds. Conveniently, as seen on the popular TV show, Dr. Oz released the “10 Simple Rules to Lose 5 Pounds” that when applied to diet and weight loss programs may be able to help support us overcome frustrating challenges to weight loss we all struggle to overcome to succeed at our weight loss goals.

Top 10 Rules to Lose 5 Pounds

  1. Practice Portion Control–Portion control is a given; in order to effectively lose weight you need to eat fruits and vegetables and leave more of the unhealthy options on your plate.
  2. Loose Low Fat Labels–We are prone to eat more of the items that are labeled as “low in fat” because we are misled into thinking the products are “healthy” when in reality they are often high in sugars and carbohydrates that are used to mask the unappealing taste.
  3. Rev Your Metabolism–Dr. Oz suggests including several supplements in your diet to boost your metabolism and stimulate your body’s ability to burn fat. Fucoxanthin is a derivative of seaweed that has been shown to attach stubborn belly fat. Sacha Inchi includes properties such as vitamin E, omega-3s and anti-inflammatories that also burn belly fat. A third supplement, L-arginine, promotes lean muscle mass by restoring a healthy hormonal balance. In addition, the inclusion of fish based meals that contain omega-3 fatty acids in your diet will result in an increase in fat-burning enzymes. Finally, the spice Capsaicin promotes an increased metabolism, nearly tripling the body’s energy expenditure after meals, and triggers the neurotransmitters in the brain that act as appetite suppressants.
  4. Cut Out Artificial Sweeteners–Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners are 7000 times sweeter than natural sugars which desensitizes the taste buds causing you to overeat. Furthermore, zero-calorie sweeteners cause you to not feel full after a meal and lead to cravings that also cause overeating. Dr. Oz suggests eliminating artificial sweeteners from your diet and including natural sugars that will maintain a balanced diet and encourage weight loss.
  5. Cut Out Soda–Carbonated, caffeinated sodas are usually the first casualty of a diet because they are full of high-fructose corn syrup, calories and often cause bloating.
  6. Get Moving–Exercise is essential to a healthy weight loss plan; adding 5-minute workouts to your routine or training to compete in a marathon.
  7. Vary Your Caloric Intake–Apparently our bodies become accustomed to the number of calories we consume, adapting to burn just that amount and not exerting the energy levels needed to trigger weigh loss; varying our daily intake will keep our bodies working to burn excess fat.
  8. Drink More Water–Studies show that people who consume 6.5 cups of water daily are more likely to consume 200 less calories; water is essential to an effective weight loss program.
  9. Switch to Whole Grains– If soda is the first casualty of a diet, carbs in the form or white pasta, breads and flour is usually the second. By switching to whole grains dieters can increase fiber, stabilize blood sugar, and benefit more from the rich vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and will stay fuller longer.
  10. Try a CleanseCleansing formulas are efficient methods to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the digestive tract. The detoxification process maintains a healthy balance in the body by preventing the absorption of toxins, decreases gas and bloating and encourages weight loss. As Dr. Oz suggests, a body cleanse will result in a more healthy appearance and a slimmer physique.

If you are looking for a plan to jump start your diet, overcome your plateau or tackle those remaining 5 pounds try implementing these suggestions and reap the rewards of a satisfying weight loss program. Many of these suggestions are sensible ideas that most health conscious dieters already practice but by adding supplements, natural sugars or cleanses to your program you can see the added benefits and hopefully loose those stubborn pounds.

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