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Do You Really Need a Cleansing?

IHL Essentials 7-Day CleanseDo you really have 4.5 pounds of undigested waste in your bowels and are you carrying around toxic substances in your large intestine or colon? Well, no and yes.

There’s no real evidence that supports someone carrying around pounds of undigested red meat or other such nasty sounding waste just sitting there, taking up space. Sure, we’ve all experienced occasional constipation and discomfort in digestion and elimination. But although we sometimes feel like we have a load of waste stuck in our gut, it is making its way out, though seemingly ever so slowly!

“So”, you may ask, “If I’m not carrying around this stuff, why would I need to cleanse my colon?” The answer is, to restore regularity by getting a fresh start! It can also be beneficial to flush out toxic substances that may indeed linger in the bowels, not as chucks of undigested food but rather as microscopic toxic nasty’s.

When we eat the wrong foods and skip on beneficial sources of fiber, we sometimes experience difficulty in naturally eliminating waste. Think of fiber as a natural lubricator for the digestive system. I know this subject may be disturbing or uncomfortable for some but let’s face it, we all have these problems. Now back to the issue: Fiber is our digestive friend and fiber is an essential component of a healthy diet. Whether through food sources or via supplements, we must have our share to function properly.

Now, let’s say we feel like we’re getting enough fiber in our diet but we just can’t reach the point of regularity. It’s happened to just about everyone I know at some point, though it’s not a “regular” topic of most social conversations. Unfortunately, many of us choose the wrong strategy to combat the problem of occasional constipation. We often follow this flawed pattern: First, we eat the wrong foods over an extended period, experience resulting constipation and after battling the problem for days, resort to a chemical laxative or massive doses of fiber to clean out our systems.

Sure, an over-the-counter laxative will probably do the trick and clear the log jam. It might also result in an embarrassing event at the office! Chemical laxatives fool the bowels into elimination, rather than solving the problem naturally. By contrast, a quality program, using natural fiber and natural laxative components in a controlled regimen however, will not only resolve the immediate problems characterized by bloating and discomfort, but will also restore the body’s natural digestive processes and reintroduce regularity.

Now that we have a plan, let’s get the right product to help us cleanse our system safely and restore regularity. IHL 7 Day Cleanse is a week-long program, with 3 packets per day of quality supplemental fiber and natural laxatives to get us back on the right track. IHL 7 Day Cleanse gently and methodically eliminates those toxins we take in and puts us on a path toward a healthier and happier digestive system.

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