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Alleviate Flu Symptoms

Sick man sneezingDid you wake up today and feel like you were coming down with something all of a sudden? It could be the flu.  The flu has a quick onset. One day a person may feel fine and the next day they are in bed wondering if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that they feel must have hit them.

The flu symptoms can include a headache, runny or stuffy nose, chills, nausea, vomiting, body aches, fatigue, coughing and or a sore throat, and a fever  of 100 ̊or more– but not always. Although symptoms of a cold are very similar to the flu, the flu will feel more intense.

Some people choose to get the flu vaccination, while others opt to take antiviral meds to deal with the flu. Although over-the-counter medications don’t make you less contagious, many people take them to temporarily alleviate symptoms. Antibiotics are useless against the flu but a healthcare provider may recommend them if a bacterial infection is caused by the flu. But there are other ways to get onto the road to recovery.

If you have the flu, it’s best to stay home and avoid contact with others. It’s very contagious. Wash your hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use a face mask. Get plenty of rest. Cover up if you have the chills. Hydrate by drinking lots of clear fluids like water, juice, sports drinks with electrolytes, or broths.  Drinking fluids can help with congestion by thinning the mucus. Use a humidifier to make it easier to breathe.  Try gargling with warm salt water to ease a sore throat. Drinking hot herbal tea with honey can help as well. A cool compress placed on the forehead can help with fever discomfort. A warm compress paced on the sinus area of the face may help to ease congestion though. Sucking on lozenges may help to soothe a sore throat or quiet a cough. Nasal irrigation can be done with a neti pot if congestion is really bad too.

There are plenty of alternative treatments to help ease you through the flu. They are tried and true and can be done in the comfort of your home.  Rest, drink up and get better soon.


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